His name started as Lefty because he has a big white spot on his left front leg.  His foster Mom calls him Stitch because his brother and he got into an altercation before they came to foster care and he had to have a stitch on his nose.

Stitch is a great young man! He’s litter trained, eats well and loves his hop time. He waits patiently and begs nicely for his daily treat of carrot or banana. He eats all greens and likes a variety of hay.

Stitch will quickly check out his area, then find the most advantageous spot to settle in to watch everything going on. He is not a chewer, preferring instead to dig his cardboard. He can shred a box like a champ. He will sit for nail trims and grooming and he enjoys his kisses and cuddles, but like many rabbits, he’s happiest on the floor doing his investigations. He’s just like a kid getting grandma love- tolerant, but happy when he’s released!

He doesn’t mind the family cat, but he’s picky about his rabbit neighbors. Stitch will make a great solo bun where he can take over command and be king of his domain.

Lefty and Benny

Lefty (aka Stitch)

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Lefty, aka Stitch

Adult Male

Dutch Mix

Weighs 4 lbs.

​Located in Rochester area