Mélasse (Molasses) came to rescue after her family moved out of the country. She is probably 2 -3 years old and is a good sized girl at around 7 pounds. She will be spayed when appointments become available.

Mélasse is a very interested & intelligent bun and will do best in a family with no small children. She'll need patience as she learns that hands and anything moving are not going to hurt or threaten her. Her foster mom speaks to her, then waits until she’s stopped moving before petting her. She can be picked up - she settles in and doesn’t wiggle around. She likes to be petted but will nip if you stop! She has a great dewlap pillow under her chin that’s fun to cuddle.

She enjoys digging and playing with a baby rattle, and likes all sorts of greens to eat. She'll be a great free range bun with her excellent litter habits because she doesn’t leave a bunch of poops behind as she investigates new areas and has never had a pee accident outside her box. 
With love and patience, Mélasse will be a great pet!

Mélasse ​(Molasses)​


Female - Spayed


​Born ~ 5/2018

​Weighs ~ 7 lbs