If you must surrender your pet

We regret that WE CANNOT TAKE RABBITS FROM IN-HOME SITUATIONS. We can help with rabbit behavior issues, and sometimes behaviors are simply a result of the need for spay/neuter. However, if you have moved or cannot keep your rabbit, NYSHRS suggest you advertize through local veterinarian offices and NEVER offer your rabbit for free. Carefully screen callers, provide care information from our national website, and personally visit the new prospective home. Contact Kris if you have questions.

NYSHRS is committed to our rescue work. This means that our foster homes are full with bunnies that have NO SAFE PlACE - they are either strays or "overflow" from shelters. It is impossible for us to accommodate the 2 to 3 requests we receive each day to take pet rabbits from homes that no longer can or wish to care for them.