Hi, I’m Penelope! I am a sweet bunny with the tiniest little face, and I just love to receive pets and snuggles.  You'll know I'm happy when you see and hear me softly grinding my teeth.

I have adjusted to my foster mom’s house beautifully! I am curious and love to check out new toys or whatever my foster mom is working on. I am still getting used to neighborhood noises when the windows are open, but my mom’s reassurance lets me know that everything is okay!

I come when called and will rush up to you with a bunny kiss just for you! I eat my timothy hay and salads with gusto, and having a blanket to snuggle up on makes me so happy. I do bunny binks all the time because I am such a content little bunny!


​Female - will be spayed prior to adoption

Born ~ March 1st, 2019

​Small - about 4 lbs.

Penelope - Adopted!