Strays and Wild Rabbits

Stray Domestic Rabbits

In New York State, stray domestic rabbits rarely survive long unless rescued. The HRS will rescue strays whenever possible and put them in foster care until they can be adopted.

When contacting us for assistance rescuing stray rabbits, please include in your FIRST post to us, your location - street, town, AND telephone contact number(s). By giving us this information immediately, we have a better chance of rescuing strays before they become lost, injured, or worse.

Wild Rabbits

For questions about wild cottontail babies or injured wild rabbits that may need help, see

If a nest appears to be ok, LEAVE IT ALONE!! MOTHER ONLY FEEDS ABOUT 1 HOUR AFTER DARK AND JUST BEFORE LIGHT. If the nest has been attacked and there are any injuries, contact your local Wildilfe Rehabilitator. This also applies if people have pets, cats or dogs and they cannot keep them away from the nest. Just pick up the bunnies, put them in a small box and keep them warm until you get them to a rehabber. DO NOT FEED THEM OR GIVE THEM ANYTHING TO DRINK AND DO NOT HANDLE THEM ONCE YOU PLACE THEM IN A BOX. Also, if you know for certain the mother has been killed secure them and get them to a rehabber. We do not advice anyone to try and raise them - most likely they will die.