Selecting a Veterinarian

Unfortunately, many veterinarians have received little or no training in the care of rabbits. Treatments that are appropriate for dogs and cats can be injurious, even fatal, to a rabbit, e.g., oral amoxicillin has killed pet rabbits who were treated by ill-informed vets. You should not just assume that any vet will give proper care to your bunny. Make certain that your veterinarian is knowledgeable about the care of rabbits. Below are some links to helpful articles about rabbit care. When selecting a vet, it is important to be familiar with these basics of rabbit care. If you vet seems unfamiliar with this information, this may be a sign that you need to be educating your vet about rabbits or perhaps looking for a new vet.

Pain Management
Pre and Post Surgical Care of Rabbits

The following is a list of recommended vets: Recommended Vets