Adoption Contract 

​​ THE Rabbit Resource Adoption Fee $120

Rabbit name_________________________

In assuming responsibility for the above rabbit, I agree to:

● never physically abuse him/her
● never allow any other person or animal to do so
● always supervise any children when they are playing with this rabbit
● house the rabbit in a safe and appropriate environment including bunny-proofing and monitoring the ambient temperature
● provide this rabbit with a balanced diet with daily fresh food, water and exercise
● take precautions when introducing another rabbit or rabbits for potential bonding
● reach out for support as needed

I have considered the potential for, and have ideas in case of:

● allergies in my home to the hay, bedding or animal
● the need to move to different housing
● the continued financial obligation of a pet (food, medical) in the event of a division in the home or loss of partner

Once this rabbit is adopted, THE Rabbit Resource is not liable or responsible for any damage or injury caused by the adopted rabbit.

I further understand:
● I have spoken with representatives of THE Rabbit Resource and I have done research on the
lifespan and needs of a rabbit
● that THE Rabbit Resource has disclosed to me all known health issues
● this rabbit has been neutered or spayed and has been seen by a licensed vet
● that any vaccines have been administered OR I will be made aware of any upcoming vaccine clinics
● it is my responsibility to see that the animal receives any appropriate preventatives and health care
● that health problems may arise in the future for which THE Rabbit Resource or its representatives will not be responsible
● that THE Rabbit Resource is authorized to remove this animal if there is a violation of the adoption
agreement or any local anti-cruelty laws

● if I'm unable to maintain this agreement, for any reason, and must relinquish ownership, I will return this animal to THE Rabbit Resource
● I will contact THE Rabbit Resource either online or through a provided email address to notify them
when this animal dies

I have read this agreement and will abide by its terms. I am also aware the adoption fee is

_______________________________________________________Adopter Signature & Date

Adoption Contract & Application