Harvey - Adopted!

Male - Neutered

​Born ~ 7/2021

Small/med size, weighing 4 lbs

Will receive RHDV2 vaccine soon

​Harvey was found in a parking lot in Utica during the summer of ‘23. He was very skittish when he first arrived but has since relaxed and become a thoughtful gentleman bun. 

 He is a very neat young man, keeping his pen nice and tidy. He looks forward to his greens, especially parsley and cilantro. Harvey used to be afraid to take a treat from his foster’s hand, but has grown accustomed to the treat time routine of rustling the bag. Now he stands up, patiently waiting his turn to gently take his treat.

Harvey is quiet and reflective, he enjoys sitting in the sun, stretched out, and listening to music. Harvey has bunny neighbors but has not shown interest in having a partner bun. If you have a calm, dignified home for this gentleman bun, please fill out an application using the link below.