Houdini is a sweet, adventurous bun, able to leap small trash cans in a single bound; often found in the can looking to see if anything good is in there.  She will escape through an open window in the blink of an eye by either pushing out the screen or chewing a hole in it, whichever delivers the desirable results faster. 

She has excellent litter box habits and has a taste for linoleum, especially if she thinks you are stingy with the hay or pellets.  She really enjoys her run time, bounding around the room with accented side-kicks and enjoys a very large exploration area. Not a cord hound, but will take a bite if she determines they are in the way.  She's a bit skittish around strangers, but warms up quickly.

Female - Spayed

​Born ~ 4/1/20

Medium/large size ~ 7 lbs.

​Vaccinated for RHDV2

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