Nutmeg & Ginger

Nutmeg (Shorter hair) - Male - neutered

Ginger (Lionhead mix) - Female - spayed

Brother & Sister 

​Born August 2023

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Nutmeg and his sister Ginger are two of Lola's babies. Ginger is a lionhead and Nutmeg has standard fur.

Nutmeg is more curious and energetic. He loves to investigate new things and do silly dances. He is a little nervous and uncertain about people, but he loves pets and loves to take naps next to people on the couch. His foster is working to build trust with him.

Ginger is more laid back, although she is also inquisitive and a great lover of binkies. She takes time to investigate a new situation, but once she decides to commit, she is less flighty than Nutmeg. She really loves to be pet and to use humans as jungle gyms!

Nutmeg and Ginger are bonded right now and we hope this bond will continue through puberty. However, as is the case with many teenage siblings, their relationship may not be as stable once hormones get involved. Stay tuned for updates to learn if they will be available as a pair or seperately!