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Male - will be neutered soon

​Born approx.  4/2020

​Large ~ 11 lbs

This handsome boy has a personality as big as he is! He's strong willed, independent, curious and knows what he likes and doesn't. Eating and free roaming any chance he can get are his most favorite.

While he doesn't play much with toys currently, he will jump a gate just to know what's on the other side. Most days he's content to stretch all the way out and is pretty laid back. Other days, it's all about getting out and seeing what's going on!

Like a typical bunny, he isn't the biggest fan of being picked up or held. However, if you sit on the floor while he's hopping around, he will interact with you.

Otis likes Dandelion greens, Kale, Escarole, Endive, banana, carrots and apple (so far) with his timothy hay and pellets.

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