Male - Neutered

Born ~ 3/1/21

Weighs ~ 4 1/2 lbs.


​Vaccinated for RHDV2

Pepper - Adopted!

Pepper came in as a stray; due to his stronger personality, he should go to a bun experienced home.

He is smart and will find a way to defeat any enclosure you have. He likes to run and explore, and he needs toys and stimulation or he becomes bored and looks for things to do.

He would do best as an only bun- he acts aggressively toward the fosters near him by charging.

Pepper has his own agenda and getting cuddles is low on the list. He doesn’t mind some pets and love but make it snappy, he’s got plans. He probably would appreciate older children who understand he has his own plans.

If you are looking to become Pepper’s human and serve at his discretion, please fill out our adoption form.