Meet Strudel aka Mama S. This gorgeous lady came to her foster home less than 12 hours before giving birth to a litter of 6 adorable babies. She was picked up after being dumped in a park with other rabbits. Mama S had a rough start in her life but has made huge strides in coming out of her shell. Her babies are all grown and either in their own forever homes or waiting to find their family so its Mama's turn now!

Mama S is bright and funny, but startles easily and does not like change. This bunny would do best in a quiet home with lots of structure and routine. Strudel loves her time out exploring and has come a long way in not being scared of everything. She may not be the best candidate for a free roaming home, as she is very clear about when she is done exploring and ready to be back in her safe space.

She enjoys simple toys like paper and cardboard but is not overly destructive. Strudel may need a routine, but she demands that there is time for petting and play included. She has many wonderful quirks that have blossomed in her foster home. Mama S is looking for a home with someone who is willing to just let her be her happy quirky self without expecting a snuggle bunny. If you are looking for a sweet special companion bunny, Strudel may be the perfect match!

Female - Spayed

Born ~ 5/2019

Med. Size ~ 5 - 6 lbs.

​​Vaccinated for RHDV2

Strudel - bonded w/Ras