Our foster homes are full with bunnies that have NO SAFE PLACE - they are either strays or "overflow" from shelters. It is impossible for us to accommodate the 2 to 3 requests we receive each week to take pet rabbits from homes that no longer wish to care for them. ​ If you cannot keep your rabbit, T.H.E. Rabbit Resource suggests you advertise through local veterinary offices and

Carefully screen callers, provide care information from our national website, and personally visit the new prospective home if possible.

For behavior concerns, please reach out to us for help. Contact Us

Many people contact us asking us to take their pets. Usually it's because they didn't realize the level of care or attention bunnies need, or they haven't spayed or neutered their rabbit. Some have impulse-purchased, or are moving and simply have not planned for their animals. 

Becoming more educated about your rabbit may solve the issues you are having. Sometimes behaviors are simply a result of the need for a spay or neuter. Please click below for rabbit vet information.

​We regret that
WE CANNOT TAKE RABBITS FROM IN-HOME SITUATIONS. If you absolutely cannot keep your bunny, we can refer you to shelters in your area with good rabbit adoption programs. Click here to ask for referrals, shelters and adoption programs.

Surrendering your Rabbit