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Male - Neutered

Born ~ April 2020

Weighs ~ 3.5 lbs.

Waldo is a peculiar rabbit who is honestly more cat than rabbit. He is very food motivated and enjoys toys. His favorite toys are cat dancers and toilet paper rolls.

He is very friendly around humans but is occasionally nippish if he thinks there's food nearby. He loves attention and running around.

He picks up on energy quick and loves to just be around humans no matter if it’s lazing or playing. Like a typical rabbit, Waldo hates being held, but has no problem hopping on someone to receive scratches.

Waldo is litter box trained, but his powerful jumps sometimes push litter outside the box. He loves to make noise (not anything disturbing however). His silly grunts and foot stomps are sure to get a laugh out of you! He's much more domineering than other rabbits, and would get along better with a more docile and submissive bunny.

Waldo would be best in an adult-only household or a family with older children who understand that rabbits are fickle. He should also be the only bunny in the home, as he doesn't do well with other rabbits.