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Grassroots Efforts and Legislation to Protect those who are least protected
Through intensive advocacy efforts, there are bills in the NYS legislature which propose to PROHIBIT the sales of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores.  Your help is urgently needed, to support these bills by calling your representatives.  All you need to do is make the call. Say, “I’m seeking his/her support on the ban on Rabbit sales in NY. The bill number is A.06298 and S.04234”, or “I’m seeking your help to place a ban on selling dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores”.  Don’t be nervous  - these people are elected to represent you. You represent the animals you care for. You can save so many animals by taking 5-10 minutes to call. 

If you don’t know who they are, or their numbers click the link below to your politicians’ phone numbers.

You can also copy, paste, complete and mail the following form with or without your personal input...

Memo in Support of A.6298/S.4234 
Prohibits the Sale of Cats, Dogs and Rabbits by Retail Pet Shops

Rabbits, like puppies and kittens, need a great deal of care and attention. A pet store is not the place to meet these needs. Rescues understand the need to educate people about their pet over time and typically become resources for concerns, questions or emergencies which happen. By choosing to continue to sell these animals in their stores, and keeping problem pet mills in business, stores like Petland are bucking the tide toward a humane marketplace. Pet stores no longer need to rely on selling animals. Large chains like Petsmart and Petco do not sell rabbits, cats or dogs, and instead focus on the lucrative market of pet supplies. 
Consumers are also growing more aware, and many now look toward rescues or shelters when they adopt a pet, or deal with small breeders where they can observe the conditions under which the animal was raised. Rabbits are a prey animal which requires specialized care and displays behaviors which need to be explained. I’ve seen firsthand the problems of unwanted rabbits that were purchased from pet stores due to impulse buying.  I’m urging the law makers to support A.06298 and S.04234 proposed bills that will save many animals by making adoption the preferred option for acquiring a pet.




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Cessation of pet store sales would seriously impact the Easter impulse buys which result in high rabbit mortality, high shelter turn in rates, high abandonment rates.  If you were to go “behind the scenes” to the breeders who breed for pet stores, you would be sickened; these are the equivalent of puppy mills. The animals are kept confined in small spaces which are filthy and contaminated, the diet is pellets and water, anyone sick is “culled” (KILLED) rather than provided vet care. You would be shocked to the core by the experience.  It is difficult to get law enforcement to monitor these places; humane law is often loosely or minimally enforced, or dismissed in the legal system. 
 By reducing the demand for Easter bunnies, fewer will suffer and die throughout the year.  
You can help this happen by making your voice a voice for the animals NOW.​

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