Upstate NY RHDV2 Vaccine Form
T.H.E. Rabbit Resource, the Upstate New York chapter of the House Rabbit Society, is using this form to collect information about rabbits who need vaccines. We will use this information to work to schedule a clinic in your area and to contact you about that clinic. We won't use this information for any other purpose. Please follow link below for survey...


RHDV has just been confirmed in a rabbit from Montgomery county, NY, which is west of Albany. Read article below...

There is an RHDV2 vaccine from
Medgene Labs that has been granted EMERGENCY APPROVAL for nationwide distribution from the USDA!

* Click here for more info *

* PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL any rabbit vets you work with and encourage them to provide the vaccine. *

We will be posting additional information as we learn which veterinarians will be carrying the RHDV vaccine.

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Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus