Here's a video about cuterebra made by Amy Chase and other students from SUNY Delhi...

Getting some love from his foster mom on Feb 28th.


13 days later, enjoying himself at his foster home.

Sgt. Snuggles on Jan. 29th, the day he came into foster care.

Sgt. Snuggles was found around the 3rd of January in the trash. He was extremely underweight, and of course very frightened.

Luckily he was found by an animal lover who always wanted a house bunny! Sgt. Snuggles was delighted to be indoors where it was warm and he was cared for. He settled in nicely with the cat and dog of the house, taking a particular liking to the dog. Unfortunately, his new dog friend was allergic to his hay! That's when THE Rabbit Resource got the call.

Sgt. Snuggles is a sweet, curious little guy who's growing to a healthy weight at his foster home. Once his body condition is normal and he's cleared for surgery, he will be neutered. Want to learn more about Sgt. Snuggles? Visit his adoption page!

Sgt. Snuggles Rescued!


A rescue The Rabbit Resource and others were involved in to save and transport 8 bunnies!

​​​Dangers of Cuterebra


Please view these videos of what a bunny must go through to have a Cuterebra removed.

This is why bunnies should be kept indoors and NOT in hutches outside. Also see Dahlia's Story on our website.


Caution - this video is graphic...

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