Adoption Contract 

In assuming responsibility for the rabbit, I agree to never physically abuse him/her, nor will I allow any other person or animal to do so. I will always supervise any children when they are playing with this rabbit. I agree to give the rabbit play and exercise time in a safe environment. I agree to bunny-proof my home. I AM ADOPTING THE RABBIT AS A HOUSE PET, and at no time will s/he be left outside ovenight. I will supervise any daytime, outdoor, play activity and provide protection from predators. I will monitor the outdoor temperature closely. I agree to provide this rabbit with a balanced diet with daily fresh food and water.

I also agree to provide medical care to always keep this rabbit in good health. ​I agree that this animal will not be bred. In the case of a juvenile rabbit, I agree that I will have the rabbit neutered/spayed by the age of six months at a veterinarian recommended by T.H.E. Rabbit Resource.  I will also separate any un-neutered pairs of mixed sexes when they approach sexual maturity (3 months), until at least one is neutered. I understand that spaying and neutering of shelter animals is the law.

Once this rabbit is adopted, T.H.E. Rabbit Resource is not liable or responsible for any damage or injury caused by the adopted rabbit. I understand that T.H.E. Rabbit Resource foster parents do not know of any health problem this rabbit may have other than those that have been disclosed to me. I understand that health problems may arise in the future for which T.H.E. Rabbit Resource or its representatives will not be responsible. ​I agree that T.H.E. Rabbit Resource is authorized to remove this animal if s/he is not receiving adequate home care, or is being endangered by lack of veterinary care, or if there has been a violation of the adoption agreement or any local anti-cruelty laws.

If I am unable to maintain this agreement, for any reason, I will return this animal to T.H.E. Rabbit Resource in accordance with policy. I will notify the fosterer when this animal dies. I have read this agreement and will abide by its terms. I am also aware the adoption fee is non-refundable.

I have read the adoption contract above and will abide by the policies listed within it.

Adoption Contract & Application