Lola is a sweet, but shy girl. She needs someone who's willing to be patient with her and earn her trust.

If you are interested in adopting,   the first step is to fill out our 


Newest of the new - Our babies!   

Special Needs Rabbits

 Our special needs buns are looking for a home where a tender hand and loving understanding are key.  Please visit them, and if you can, open your home to a bunny with special needs.            

​​Bonded Rabbits

Happily coupled buns that would love to relocate to their new dream home.                    

Male Rabbits

Please visit our single male rabbits.  These charismatic buns are looking for a forever pad to call their own.          

Female Rabbits

Our single female rabbits are looking for a forever home. To see their adorable faces, click below.                       

​​​​Adoptable Rabbits