Do you want to learn what your rabbit is trying to tell you? Below are several links for you to read.  Keep in mind these common characteristics are after hours of observation.  Nothing beats getting to know your own bunny.  Bunnies are individuals and all have different likes and dislikes.  There are common speaking styles that you can apply to bunnies and the links below are a great place to become familiar with them: The Rabbit Resource neither agrees nor disagrees with the following information, but merely suggests you read and see which apply to your rabbit.

Understanding Your Rabbit : Behavioral and Vocal Communication

Zooh Corner: What is your Rabbit Trying to Tell You?

Hopper Home - Rabbit Talk

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I'm the Eastern NY Representative for The Rabbit Resource (which includes Albany and the surrounding areas). I would be happy to help with questions concerning your pet house rabbit, abandoned domestic rabbits, or strays that you see. If you have questions about wild rabbits I refer you to this link (
Caring for Cottontails) as I am not licensed to deal with wildlife.

Please be aware we CANNOT take in rabbits from private homes. We have limited foster space which is reserved for rescues/strays and shelter overflow.    

Getting better acquainted with rabbit behavior is usually all you need to overcome behavioral issues.  Often rabbits will behave in certain manners in an attempt to tell you their needs.  Once you learn "rabbit", you and your pet will begin to coexist peacefully. 

Eastern NY Representative - Amsterdam/Albany/Saratoga and surrounding area