​Adult - born approx. 3/1/2017

Angel was rescued on the day after Thanksgiving 2017. She was one of several rabbits (the only survivor) from a backyard meat breeder. When she escaped her filthy enclosure, she sprained her back foot and was basically left to forage for food as winter approached. A neighbor notified our rescue and after many hours and attempts, she was finally captured! She was dirty and thin but soon began to thrive in her foster home.

Angel is a very sweet bunny! She's mellow and loves human attention. She enjoys being petted and held more than any bunny her foster family has had.

She also has a very good appetite, enjoying a daily assortment of veggies and plenty of hay!

She didn't bond with another bunny at her foster home, so she may not enjoy a rabbit friend. However, she is used to cats and dogs. She isn't used to children.

Angel - adopted!