This is Anginetti. Her name is a golden type of cookie in Italian. She’s a nice girl who who was wandering a neighborhood alone for 3 years before a resident noticed she was injured and caught her. Anginetti had suffered some trauma while outside on her own, and she will have another small surgery soon to complete her return to health.

She has one harlequin stripe and a little bit of black shading on her face. Anginetti would do best in a home with older kids and she would be a good match for a bunny friend. She has other buns around her in her foster home and doesn’t mind them.

She sits nicely for treats and looks forward to her salads. She will allow head rubs and some pets and she’s coming around to more contact. She has the best litter habits of all her fellow foster buns! If you’re looking for a quiet, gentle companion, consider Anginetti!

Anginetti - Adopted!

Female - Spayed

Born ~ Jan. 2016

Weighs 3.5 - 4 lbs.