Black Satin Mix - 5lbs. +

Young Female - Spayed

Here's poor Artemis when she was first rescued.

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Hi! I'm Artemis, an approximately one year old female named for the Goddess of nature who had the strength and ability to protect herself from any unwanted attention. I was named after being rescued from a lawn in Endicott, NY, where I lived for nearly three months. (I'm not super at keeping track of all of those days). Prior to being rescued, I had been eating whatever I could forage, in addition to the kale, spring mix, carrots, and bananas that the lawn owner was using to try to lure me into a humane trap. (When I was rescued, I weighed less than 4 lbs. Now I'm up to a normal weight of just over 5 lbs.)

Unfortunately, while I was protecting myself from unwanted attention, I endured the traumatic amputation of my tail. My urinary and fecal sphincters were injured as well, which is why I am in the special needs section of the adoptable buns. I need to have an occasional butt bath to rinse off any urine that dribbled on my fur to prevent scald. I also need to live in a space that is pretty washable because I can't completely control my urine and fecal output. My control might increase over time, according to the vets at Cornell, but I am not bothered by this. I know that I am lovable and loving regardless! I have recuperated, been seen by the vets at Cornell, and am healthy overall otherwise. 

I am a sweet girl, if I do say so myself, but I am a bit timid (for good reason). I am really warming up to people, and I love receiving pets, especially on my cheeks and shoulders. I am a healthy eater, I do high binkies, and I love to rearrange everything in my area. I have a great personality and will add plenty of joy to my forever home!