Auburn is cute as a button and very inquisitive! She loves knowing what is going on around her and her home 24/7. She walks up to the sides of her enclosure whenever anyone goes by, and often follows her foster family members around just hoping and begging for head rubs (or a treat or two). She cannot wait to find a family of her own to spoil her! 

She can be shy when just moved into a new space or home, but does not take very long to become comfortable and will  warm right up! She does very well in a busy home, and does not mind children, cats, or lower energy dogs. 

Auburn was lucky enough to be spotted and rescued by wonderful volunteers this past February, and was rescued alongside her sister, Unicorn. Unicorn and Auburn love to play together, and would not mind going to the same forever home, but it is not necessary. Auburn shows signs of being very open to bonding with other buns as well. 

Her litterbox habits are near perfection! (Although she has been spotted snoozing in her litterbox a few times.)

Auburn enjoys lots of treats, bunny toys (she really is a smart cookie), and snoozing in bunny box houses! She even plays a little hide and seek in her houses. Auburn is such a fun, funny, loving, sweet gal!


Female - will be spayed prior to adoption

Born ~ 4/2018

​Medium/Large size