Auburn was found abandoned along with her sister, Unicorn, this February.

Auburn is cute as a button and inquisitive, always running up to the front of her enclosure whenever anyone walks by. She’s a sweet bunny waiting for more attention and space to blossom. She tolerates handling fairly well and seems to enjoy a head rub. 

Given the situation she was in, fending for herself in winter, it’s no surprise that she loves food - timothy-based pellets (currently eating Oxbow), greens, and hay (currently eating a mix of Small Pet Select second and first cut timothy). She will eat everything she’s given until it’s gone, so it will be important to keep her on limited pellets.

Auburn’s litter box habits are mostly very good - occasional stray stool pellets and very occasional urine accidents, mostly from standing on the hay in her box and peeing over the side. She’ll need a large, deep litter box.

She chews the chew sticks she’s given till there’s nothing left, but has mostly left her cardboard house intact. She is not a serious digger.


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Female - will be spayed before adopted

Born ~ 4/2018

​Medium size - about 6 lbs.

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