Bachiawn means very small in Welsh. Little Bachi is just that: a tiny, 2.5 pound ball of adorableness. He runs around like he owns the place, as his personality is much bigger than his size.

Bachi loves to binky and doesn’t mind cuddles. He likes to be snuggled right under your chin. He plays with his toys and gets excited when he hears the treat bag.

He is interested in the other buns in his foster home, so a little girlfriend might be a possibility. He would make a good free range bun because he is neat with litter box habits and doesn’t chew. He seems to like all people and other animals.

Please fill out our adoption formif you’d like to add this little guy to your family.

Male - will be neutered before he's adopted

Born ~ 1/2019

​Small ~ 2.5 lbs

​Will be vaccinated for RHDV2 soon​​

Bachi - Adopted!