Bonded Pair

​Both Female - Spayed

​Born ~ 5/2019 and 1/2017 (not sure)

A Lop and a Flemish Mix

​Both Large - Bean ~ 7 lbs, Luna ~12 lbs

They are a great pair and cannot be separated. They eat (and play with) hay pretty well, and usually eat Oxbow or Bunny-16 pellets. They LOVE veggies - lettuces, cherry tomatoes, herbs like parsley, sweet peppers, carrots if course, seedless cucumbers, dandelions, and berries.

This pair needs someone who will give them plenty of space to stretch out and relax in. An extra large hutch or pen is good. A part of a bedroom or such would be great. They presently live in a half bath that is approx 6x4 feet and they do well. They will explore the family room while supervised. I have not seen any cord chewing, but Luna can fit behind the sofa. She just wants to play.

They do use the litter box about 90% of the time. Luna likes a clean potty. ☺️ They should go to someone who knows about bunnies. Remember Luna is Flemish, about 12 lbs. A true gentle giant. 

Bean & Luna - Adopted!

Bean, cute and she knows it! ☺️ She can be shy & skittish at first and want to hide from new people and things. Given time, patience, understanding and perhaps a treat or two (parsley is always good), she will warm up to you.

She is a fast little girl! But let her explore a room or a sheltered outside pen to stretch those fluffy feet.

Luna is her "security blanket". I can pet her face around her ears, but she isn't used to, or isn't sure of the rest of her body being touched. I can pick Bean up, but she will try to hide from it. It takes a gentle touch and soft voice. Once you have her, she is still quite nervous. On the plus side, she wants to trust, wants to be social, but at her pace. I don't think she was socialized or handled a lot when she was a young bun. She's got a bit of sassiness that is so adorable. It's just the way she looks at you sometimes.

Luna is very calm & easy going. I joke she's a "St. Bernard in a bunny costume". Her binkies rival a bucking bronco, but in the best way. Sproing! Bouncy bunny.

She loves sweet lettuces and parsley. I haven't seen her play with toys yet. She is curious and is fine with cats that don't have a high prey drive like my old kitty. Luna is very "motherly" to Bean often giving kisses and reassuring snuggles. The only bad habit I've seen so far: bowl flipping. She will and has flipped food bowls, water bowls and bowls with veggies. I don't think they know how to use a bottle. These two have been using a water bowl as much as I've known them.

Luna does let you pick her up, but is not a big cuddler. She likes people but she's not a 'sit in your lap' kind of bun.