Biff needs a home where he can be free most of the time.  He does best when not confined.  He is not a "sit in your lap for a bunch of pets" kind of rabbit. But he will want to sit near you.  Biff tolerates being picked up; however, he is nervous around small children and may take some time to warm up to new people.  

He loves carrot shreds, green leaf lettuce, dried apples, and bananas. 
He eats adult oxbow pellets.  Biff is not a great hay eater, but he will eat oat hay.  

Biff's antics will certainly entertain you!  

Meet Biff.  His name comes from Back to the Future as he has a big personality!  Biff came to foster care last November burned from the waist down.  He was very frightened.  He is all healed and a much happier rabbit.

Biff loves to dig, jump, and explore. He’s very busy, but very well behaved! He is not a chewer.  He absolutely hates the broom.  

Biff - Adopted!

Male - Neutered

Born ~ 7-1-20

​Medium size ~ 4.5 lbs.

Vaccinated for RHDV2