Male - Neutered

​Weighs about 3 to 4 lbs


Biscuit - Adopted!

Biscuit is a beautiful light grey male bun with a toe dipped in white, that was saved from being snake food! He's traveled all the way from Bridgeport, CT and is now hanging out with his foster mom in Upstate NY. He's a bold and curious bunny who likes to explore the whole house. He's working on his litter habits and doesn't chew things he shouldn't. He's also working on a new relationship with his foster's mom's cat - and the two seem to be getting along very well.  He may very well be a candidate for bonding with another bun as he is curious but not aggressive, or happy as the only rabbit in the house with freedom to explore.  

He's loves to explore on his own and spend plenty of time outside of his exercise pen. He likes to be petted, but he's not a fan of being picked up. He enjoys his foster mom spending time on the floor with him, petting his face and giving nose to nose.  He loves his fresh veggies and has tried romaine, spinach, broccoli, apples, and carrots so far! He's a beggar for pellets and enjoys timothy cubes.

While hay is readily available and he will eat it (slowly),

it's not at the top of the favorite list!