Brownie - Adopted!


Male - Neutered


Adult - larger size

‚ÄčLocated in Albany area

Brownie's face and personality are guaranteed to melt your heart completely! 

His foster mom still cannot believe how lucky he is to have been in the right place at the right time. His foster parents were driving down a rural road when they spotted him in a full bunny flop position. At the time, they didn't think it was a bunny flop, they unfortunately thought he met his fate on the blacktop. His foster mom knocked on a few doors trying to notify his owners but no one had ever seen him. His foster parents knew they couldn't just leave him there, but to their surprise when they tried to pick him up- he shot up into the air and gave them quite the chase! But they caught him and he's been stealing their hearts ever since! 

Not only does he have quite the adorable face which couples well with his on-the-larger size body frame, but he has an amazing personality too. No one claimed him as a lost pet and it was clear he had been on his own for a little while. It took a while for him to adjust to living indoors again and he put up a little bit of a stink about it too. His foster parents were worried he may not be happy living this way. But again, to their surprise, once he was neutered, he developed quite the opposite personality. He woke up very slowly from his neuter and he ate up every person's cuddles from the animal hospital to his foster home. No one could resist him, the techs and doctors didn't want him to leave.

Brownie couldn't get enough love and today he still can't! He's stealing hearts by the minute. His adorable looks draw you in and he seals the deal with his charming behavior. He loves head pets, loves greeting people when they walk in, loves taking treats from people's hands and most importantly he still loves to take the longest, biggest bunny flops possible all day. (He's quite the lazy fellow after a good couple minute hop.)