Lionhead - Young

Male - Neutered

Cecil is a delightful young, neutered Lionhead. Named after Cecil the lion, Cecil loves life! He was found standing up on his hind legs, begging to be saved by a very nice couple walking their dogs. He had been dropped off in the yard of an abandoned trailer down a dead-end road in the Catskill Mountain Region of NY. This spot is a popular unwanted pet drop-off area and Cecil was very lucky his rescue couple found him when they did!

Cecil is now living the life in his foster home, but his foster mom knows he won't be here too long. He is a very special bunny, with a personality far larger than the size of his tiny body. He loves being picked up and held, loves being pet, loves sitting near people, and seeks out every second of your attention. He quickly greets and adjusts to new people and guests. And he loves living with cats, dogs, other buns and guinea pigs! He will undoubtedly make a great companion for another bun, and he's guaranteed to steal your heart the moment you meet him. 

Cecil - Adopted!