Clarence & Monty are two brothers born after their mom was rescued. Their dad was a mini-rex. They are almost full grown and will be about 4 pounds when full size. 

 They are best friends and should be homed as a pair. They pee in their litter pan and will likely improve with pooping accuracy now that they were neutered on 5/24. Clarence (the black and white one) is adventurous and likes to climb on top of boxes. Monty (the black one) is a little calmer and more cautious. They both do some pretty cute binkies.

Both brothers give kisses on legs and feet and are very social with people, asking for cuddles and treats. They are used to a cat and dog so they would be okay in a home where the cat and/or dog has a VERY low prey drive and wouldn’t be a risk to the buns.

Clarence & Monty - Adopted!

Bonded Pair

​Male - Neutered

​Born 2/2/23

Medium size ~ 4lbs.

​Not vaccinated for RHDV2 yet