Brother/Sister Bonded Pair

Born ~ 6/1/21​

​Small ~ 3 lbs each

Spayed & Neutered

​Vaccinated for RHDV2

Cleo & Gus

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Cleo and Gus are a brother- sister pair of fluff who need to be adopted together. Gus is shyer and a little more introverted than his sister, Cleo. She doesn’t mind being held or petted. He prefers brief attention on ground level.

They came in as strays that someone dumped when they were very young, probably barely 2 months old. They are learning how to be good indoor buns. They are slowly learning to trust humans and are gaining weight and healing from some wounds from being outside.

Both have decided they like dandelion and baby bok choy.

Cleo and the broom are not friends. She likes to challenge it when I’m sweeping near her pen, thinking the broom will invade and she will save her brother from that bad broom. When cleaning their pen, I move them to hop time so she doesn’t have to stress about the broom.

Both are very gentle, small buns who will need a bit of routine brushing, especially around their tails. It’s possible they have some Jersey Wooly mixed in. Their pattern is somewhat magpie harlequin.