​Female - will be spayed before adopted

​Born ~ Nov./Dec. 2018

​Medium size - about 5 lbs.

Daisy was one of eleven babies born in an outside hutch in January.

She is a shy bun, but very motivated for treats, timothy cubes, greens, bananas - you name it - she'll come running for it! A beautiful bun and super soft, she's young and a bit unsure of things at first. But curiosity gets the best of her and she'll need to investigate.

Daisy's a bit scared of her foster mom's cat (who is way chill and old - and honestly doesn't mind all these foster buns in the house!). Because she's a bit on the shy side, she would likely do well with another bun, as she is compelled to follow her younger sister around everywhere.  She's a neat girl with excellent litter box skills. 

Daisy - Adopted!