Female - Spayed

​Weighs between 3-5lbs.

​Born November 2009

Ella - Adopted!

Ella is a nice little bun who is happy to climb on your lap or snuggle up close to you to be petted. If you lay on the floor, she will hop on your back or stomach. Like many rabbits, she does not enjoy being picked up.   

She loves hay and a wide variety of greens.  Her favorites are fresh basil, parsley, cilantro, mint, thyme and oregano. She also enjoys a little piece of fruit each day as a treat. 

Ella likes to race around the living room, behind the furniture, under the tables, and she occasionally ventures onto the hardwood.  She will nip at you if you are in the way of her racing around.  For that reason, she probably would not be good for small children. 

In typical bunny fashion, she will chew on just about anything if you let her.  She has not been around other pets, so we don't know how she's react. She is very good with the litter box.