Emmy - Adopted!

A note from Emmy's temporary home...

Emmy has been living with me since July. Before she lived with me, she lived with a young child and wasn’t socialized much. She is a grey Rex rabbit and is extremely soft. I took her in with the hope of giving her a good life and eventually bonding her with my other two bunnies. I also wanted her to experience a life outside of a cage. Unfortunately, it has not worked out between her and my other bunnies. She’s a sweet bunny, however she'd prefer a different bunny friend or to be a solo girl.

I'm looking for someone willing to give her a good amount of time and attention. Right now, she lives free roam in a separate room from my other bunnies. She is litter box trained. She likes to chew on wood and cardboard and loves laying in her cardboard tunnel. She loves to be pet and wants attention. She loves bananas, dried papaya and blueberries, carrots, lettuce, oxbow treats and pellets, and lots of hay. 

She has no medical issues and has had a wellness check from the vet. I just want her to find someone who wants to devote their time to her and give her the best life possible. She deserves love and understanding.

Female - Spayed

​Born ~ July 2019

​Small/Medium Size ~ 3-4 lbs.

​Mini Rex

Not vaccinated for RHDV2 yet