Having been left outside for an undetermined about of time, her foster mom is particularly surprised at Frosty's sweet demeanor and her easy going nature. She's friendly, trusting, and quite curious. Frosty loves to be pet and stomps her foot before she takes off to binky around the room! She prefers a gentle touch, tolerates being held, and will follow you around the room begging for a treat. Frosty also has great litter box habits and found the litter box immediately in her new environment. She is a great eater, trying out a variety of greens. 

This gorgeous and curious beauty was found living outside. We are unsure how long she was left out facing the elements. 

Special thanks to the TRR volunteers who dedicated weeks to finding her and finally capturing her! She is now inside, warm and enjoying all the benefits of a free roam house bunny.

Frosty - Adopted!

Female, will be spayed prior to adoption
Unsure of age, but she's young
Weighs ~ 3.5 lbs
Color: Grey

Frosty has not yet been around other bunnies or animals. However, her foster mom suggests that she be adopted into a home without dogs as she gets very spooked by the smell of a dog on clothing.

This beautiful bunny would make a wonderful addition to your family!