Fundraiser for Artemis

Meet Artemis, named for the Goddess of nature who had the strength and ability to protect herself from any unwanted attention.  She was a stray who successfully fended for herself for over two months before being rescued and treated at Cornell for a traumatic amputated tail (likely by a predator), tears in her genital area, and eye discharge.  

In addition to antibiotics, pain medication, and eye drops, Artemis had a variety of blood work, a fecal test, radiographs of the remnants of her tail to ensure there was no infection, and an ultrasound.  She needed anesthesia for the ultrasound because she prefers to be handled as little as possible at this time. Artemis will be spayed when the necessary funds are raised. 

THE Rabbit Resource is in need of donations to continue to provide veterinary and supportive care to Artemis and our other foster bunnies.