Gallina - Adopted!


White Rex, about 4 lbs.


​Born approx. 1/1/2014

Gallina's previous owner had to go into a care facility and she was left with someone who didn't want her. T.H.E. Rabbit Resource took her in after we received information about the conditions she was living in. She had terrible sores on her feet, but now she's all healed up and healthy!

Gallina is a real doll! She enjoys being petted, but also likes to explore and be adventurous. She is trusting and doesn't mind being picked up. She has the potential to follow her human around and she loves to eat! She also likes hanging out in her cardboard box with her nose poking out and throwing paper bags around in her pen.

Her litter habits are excellent. Her litter box is very tidy with her potty corner very distinct. Even out on hop time she has never had an accident.  

Gallina also seems to get along fine with her foster family's cat.