Georgie - Adoption Pending!

Georgie is a sweet little lady who wants a human of her own to cuddle up with. She's quite polite, with good litter box habits and an excellent temperament. She'll give you a head bump if she wants attention, but Georgie will try to leave a situation she doesn't like rather than grunting or stamping.

Because this tiny bunny was found outside, she can be nervous around loud noises. She's also delicate because she's so small. So she may not be the best match for a household with small children or animals who can't be gentle and pay attention to her body language.

Georgie is a young bunny with lots of energy who would like free run of a room or even your whole house, and she's more interested in exploring and running really fast than destroying baseboards or furniture. If you have space for a carefree, enthusiastic little bunny in your life, why not reach out to us about Georgie? 

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Female - Spayed

Born ~ 6/1/22

Small ~ 2.25 lbs.