Gilda - Adopted!

Female - will be spayed prior to adoption

Dwarf mix

Born ~01/2022
Small - ~3.5 lbs

Gilda is a sweet, enthusiastic little bunny who was recently rescued while she was living outdoors. She loves lettuce, clover and dandelions and is learning how cool it is to live with friendly humans! Gilda will be happier in an enclosure while she learns your house rules, because she is very curious and can knock stuff over or get stuck places where she doesn't know how to get down!

She is a bit of a neat freak and uses the litterbox enthusiastically. She will sometimes try to aim her pee outside her enclosure. This may change after she is spayed.

Gilda is a big fan of petting and is happy to climb in your lap or cuddle by your side. She loves tunnels and mazes and is very treat motivated. If your bunny is looking for an affectionate, expressive, energetic and straightforward partner, she could be a great match. And if you are looking for a bunny who will do a little dance when you come in the room, reach out to ask about adopting Gilda today!