Female - Spayed

Born ~ Feb. 2020

Mix - Lionhead / Angora?

​Weighs ~4.5 lbs

Goose - Adopted!

Goose is a sweet bunny who is gentle and does well with kids. She is very good about not chewing objects around her except for the occasional paper towel roll/cardboard you give her, or sometimes papers. 

She is a bit shy and takes some time to warm up to new people, but she’s playful and adventurous and a good bunny to let free roam in your house. She loves her treats  - apricots are her favorite! She'll come to you for treats or food she likes, but she does not like to be picked up and will snuggle only on her terms.

She needs frequent combing because of her haircoat, and she's currently not a fan of being groomed. This may change as she settles in and gets more used to handling.

Goose is big fan of lounging around and being near people.
She will make a good family pet or friendly companion for an adult.