Hazel -


Hazel is a beautiful, all-white New Zealand mix who was rescued from the Texas hoarding situation 2019. Inspired by the book Watership Down, Hazel's foster mom decided to rename this bun after the protagonist Hazel who becomes the "chief rabbit" of a group who flee from a disaster and create a new home on a hill called Watership Down. Quite fitting for the disaster that Hazel fled from!

Hazel, born in March 2019, is 6.5 pounds of pure white fluff. Given her tough start in life, Hazel has really made leaps and bounds in her adjustment to indoor house-bun life. She loves to be pet and will nudge you if you stop! Hazel is a BIG fan of binkies! She jumps with pure joy and abandon around her enclosure and makes grunts of happiness. She's a vocal bun, making honks and grunts in approval (and disapproval). She flops herself on the ground with her back legs straight out behind her. 

Hazel has perfect litter box skills! As for eating, she's a fan of her timothy hay, romaine, leafy greens, cilantro, broccoli, berries, and pellets (pretty much anything!). Like most bunnies, she loves bananas and will beg for them in the morning.  

Hazel wants to be loved and will lay quietly next to her foster mom for pets. Like most buns, she does not want to be picked up - preferring all four feet on the ground. She's a bit sassy and independent, honking when you don't do what she wants or when she's caught being naughty. Hazel would likely do well with another bunny to keep her company.  She is seeking her furever home with the right person who will give her love, acceptance, and patience. 

Hazel (aka Hazelnut) 
Female - Spayed

New Zealand mix
Medium Size ~ 6.5 lbs
Born March 2019