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Hershey, Kisses & the "kids"

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(Kisses was Adopted!)

Hershey and Kisses came to me on a Thursday afternoon (May 2, 2017), scared and skiddish from being left outside in a park to fend for themselves. We took them to the vet that Saturday.  They were covered in ticks and many of the tick bites had abscessed. They also had fur-mites and fecal pinworms. 

After a few weeks of treatment, they are as healthy as can be!  They love to run and binky; do very well in their litter box; enjoy romaine, dandelion, and have attempted to enjoy parsley.  They love to lay together and groom each other after a round-the-room sprint. 
Hershey had a litter right after we took them in and she's a wonderful mom. Her babies are absolutely thriving! It's her first (and only) litter, which typically have poor survival rates.  Kisses grooms the babies and will snuggle up with them as well. She is a loving Auntie.  It's a big happy family here! 

Recently Hershey and Kisses lost their bond. Kisses already found her forever home, but Hershey is still waiting for hers.


Young Adult (born ~ Jan. 2017)

Spayed Female

‚ÄčLocated in Syracuse area