Hershey is an all-black energetic young bunny who loves to explore his environment and is also very content in his pen.

He is used to children handling him and tolerates lots of petting and being carried from room to room. He will nip if he gets annoyed, but that should improve now that he's been neutered.

When comfortable, he will sometimes climb into your lap, especially for a treat! He loves his food and eats any fruit or veggie offered and will eat from your hand. 

Hershey - Adoption Pending!

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Male - Neutered

Born 5/5/20

Weighs 5.5 lbs

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Hershey likes to chew on things, so he needs a "bunny-proofed" environment. He loves chewing on cardboard and paper towel rolls and enjoys plastic cat toys, especially if they have a little bell in them!

He is litter box trained and is a very sweet bunny!