Holly - Adopted!


Female - Spayed


In the warm December of 2015, residents of a small city in the Southern Tier of New York noticed vividly colored domestic rabbits lounging under shrubbery in their back yards, running across busy downtown streets, and eagerly munching on broccoli and lettuce that neighbors put on their lawns. A single humane trap with some banana bait helped bring a total of six bunnies out of the elements just before the weather turned cold. Holly was one of those lucky bunnies.

Little Holly was pregnant and lost her three unborn babies and almost her life, but thanks to Dr. Barbara Roach at the Village Veterinary Hospital in Canastota, NY, in consultation with Cornell’s Dr. James Morrissey, she survived a long and complex surgery and came home with a great appetite and sweet demeanor. She is all healed up now and ready for her forever home.

Holly is calm, modest, and doesn't expect much or ask for treats. She likes to lie down on her sides and relax, and lets her foster "mom" hug and kiss her, but doesn't like to be touched because she still seems a little scared after all that has happened to her. Holly is shy with food and waits to be alone before she eats. She has been good to other bunnies and only showed curiosity towards them. She is probably a few months old, not more than a year. She is firmly built and feels cozy to hug, but is not used to being lifted up.