Mira was a sweet brown and white mini lop who came to us in August. (Cuterebra and Mira).  

This is her story …

Mira had fallen out of favor with her previous owner and was banished to a small outdoor cage.  As is often the case when rabbits are left outdoors, Mira suffered a nasty infestation of cuterebra.  These are thumb-sized larva of bot flies that migrate through a rabbit’s body until they settle under the skin and make a breathing hole.  This hole enlarges and eventually is made large enough for the larva to exit.  Luckily, Mira was rescued by a concerned young woman, who took her to the vet to have three cuterebras removed. One of T.H.E. Rabbit Resource members then kept her until she recovered.  Mira came to us for further recovery and rest so that eventually she could be spayed and offered for adoption. 

She was so happy here; no cage and she had a whole small room to herself!  She always ran over to us to have her ears rubbed and snuggle up to us on the floor.  Even though her legs were splayed from her being too long in a cage, she was able to do “binkies”; those little run and jump explosions that rabbits do when they’re soooo happy.  She also had neighbor rabbits, Spartacus, Callum and Finley, our other foster rabbits.   She would greet them through their gates and they would lie next to each other on each side of the gate. 

Sadly, last Monday, when Eric went to feed Mira, she wouldn’t eat and we could tell she was in pain.  We rushed her to Cornell that morning for emergency treatment.  The staff there stabilized her and provided her with the very best care.  But, as often happens with rabbits, she died suddenly that night.  It was a sad ending to what might have been a happy rescue/recovery story.  We were devastated with loss, but also happy that Mira had those happy weeks with us where she was loved and cared for, free to run and play and visit with other rabbits. 

We don’t know yet what caused Mira’s death, but Cornell will be sending us a full report of the findings of their necropsy research.  Eric and I have contributed the funds to TRR to pay for this research in hopes of learning information that will help us in the care of future rescue bunnies.  TRR provides for the veterinary expenses of these rescue rabbits.  Their treasury has been severely depleted due to several recent emergencies.  Eric and I are hoping you will help with a donation of any amount.

​Thanks so much for reading Mira’s story.  

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