Hoover is a sweet, fairly mellow girl that is named after the vacuum due to her propensity to suck down anything remotely edible and then go looking for seconds, thirds, leftovers, tweensies and/or crumbs. She will repeatedly pick up and drop her food bowl in the hopes that doing so will make more pellets appear. 

She has good litter box habits and appreciates time out of her cage.  She is a cautious explorer, not wandering too far from home base. 

You will know when more water or hay is needed and if it is past feeding time by the sound of the cage walls being yanked to and fro to the extent that her little bunny muscles can manage. 

Hoover - Adopted!

Female - Spayed

​Born ~ 4/1/20

Medium/large size ~ 7 lbs.

​Vaccinated for RHDV2