Hop is so happy in his wonderful forever home!

Hop is almost all black, with a white dipped front paw which makes him stunningly handsome. He is named for his personality - he's a very energetic young bun, and he can jump! He is delightful to watch while playing, guaranteed to make you laugh and smile and cheer you up after a rough day. His foster mom has never had a bunny that loves to play more than him! He loves toys, loves to run around and after he adjusts to a new environment, he doesn't frighten easily. He is not fearful of cats, dogs, other small animals, or kids making noises. What's even better than a playful bun? A bun that loves affection too! After he tires himself out from playing, Hop loves to be pet, brushed, picked up and held and will lay down next to you! 

Hop was rescued out of a crowded basement where his mother was used for breeding bun after bun. He was rescued as a baby, and bonded with one of his brothers. They weren't given proper exercise time or attention, and they grew restless and started to fight each other. That's when our group took both buns and separated them. Hop has potential to bond with a female bun, as long as they have plenty of space to run, plenty of toys, and their parents take the bonding process seriously and slowly. He may also do very well as a single bun! 

His foster Mom recommends Hop to a home that has a lot of space for him, or at the very least, an ex-pen enclosure that has a "roof" as he can and will "hop" out. Hop also absolutely loves to chew, and does really well with several wooden treats and toys to satisfy his habit.

Hop - Adopted!


Male - Neutered

Dutch mix - Born approx. 12/20/15