Idris - Adopted!

Idris was dumped with a few other rabbits near the canal in Utica. He was rescued and brought to safety where he has charmed everyone with his goofy antics. Idris is named after a giant in Welsh mythology because he’s about 11 pounds.

He loves to run around at top speed and his binkies are very impressive. Idris needs some space to really get comfortable. He is very interested in the other foster buns near his pen, so he may appreciate a bun wife eventually.

He looks forward to attention, stretching on his tip toes for nose rubs. He is obsessed with fingers and wants to sniff, lick and nibble them. He prefers not to be picked up, and due to his size, care must be taken. He purrs loudly for cheek massages and he can’t help but melt into a big brown puddle.

If you’re interested in a funny, gentle giant and have space for him to stretch out, Idris would like to meet you!

Male - neutered

Born ~ 1/2020

Large ~ 11 lbs

Idris is microchipped

​Will be vaccinated for RHDV2 soon